The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway - Robert Cormier I was reading this the night my mom flew to London and I was sure her plane was going to crash so I had to do something/anything to keep my mind off the fact I forgot to call and wish her goodbye until it was too late. I don't remember what airline she was flying on but they had had a rash of bad things happen on flights around that time she flew with them. I had always Robert Cormier's books so it seemed like a good idea to read him to keep my mind occupied(this was back in 1987-88) Everytime I think of this book I remember staying up all night reading this book and how much I loved it and how grateful I was to have a great book to keep my mind from thinking awful thoughts(which of course were completely irrational but tell that to your 21 yr old mind when you've forgotten to call until it's too late and now you may never ever get to talk to your mom again)