The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Joan Aiken, Pat Marriott I love this book. The start of a great series.

So I've picked this for my staff pick on heroes and I want to say that as far as heroes go "It takes a Village" because our two girls--Bonnie & Sylvia--get help in getting away from the baddies in the story (and there are lots of baddies) from all sides.

Starting back at Willoughby Chase with the servants who either hide (Pattern) from the evil guardian Miss Slighcarp when she fires all the staff or pretend to be evil (James) to be kept on.

Then we move on to the people in the neighborhood and you have Simon the goose boy who helps the girls escape the orphan school and all the people they meet along the way to London.

Finally, you have Bonnie who is the heroine in her own story as she goes from spoiled miss to girl who's cheerful attitude and humility brought people and friendship to her side. Watching her grow and learning to care for others, even when her life is filled with tragedy is very heartwarming.
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