Dora: A Headcase

Dora: A Headcase - Lidia Yuknavitch This is next on my list-after I read my embargoed arc. I'm so excited to have received a copy early because 'The Chronology of Water' was my absolute favorite book last year. Thanks to Cindy for sending me a copy and BJ for requesting a copy for me!! I love my job and I love being able to read things early to be a champion for books and authors I love. Being a bookseller rocks and when you sell a book you love it's so great to be able to tell people "If you love this as much as I did she has a new book coming out and it's just as fabulous" to get them as excited as you are.

This one may end up in my top 5 for 2012. All about finding and creating your own family in this f-ed up world. Beautiful and raw and full of people you know(or want to know)and now that you've read it you can't wait to give it to everyone.